What do negative TIPS yields tell us about the economy?  (BondSquawk, FT Alphaville, Felix Salmon, Fundmastery Blog)

Bond investors had better be happy with their coupons, because further appreciation is unlikely.  (Barron’s also Big Picture, WSJ)

A surge of junk bonds come to market.  (WSJ also Aleph Blog)

Buffett vs. Gross on the deflation vs. inflation question.  (Zero Hedge)

Where did all the bond vigilantes go?  (The Globe and Mail)

Is the market oversold yet?  (Trade to Learn)

A once obscure indicator,  the Hindenberg Omen, goes big time.  (StockCharts Blog, WSJ, DJ Market Talk, Charts Gone Wild)

The battle over ETF ticker symbols shows that a catchy ticker is a worthwhile investment.  (WSJ)

On the parallels between surfing and trading.  (Trader’s Narrative)

Yves Smith, “The sudden departure of HP’s CEO Mark Hurd didn’t add up.”  (naked capitalism)

Does BATS really need a whole other exchange to test new pricing models?  (WSJ)

Which market has been the best performer over the past 110 years?  (Marketwatch via Marginal Revolution)

Floyd Norris, “Profits of corporate America have been rising at an impressive clip. But sales have not risen nearly as rapidly.”  (NYTimes)

The ADS Business Conditions Index is looking none too good.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Jeffrey Carter, “It is time for banks to start acting like banks again.”  (Points and Figures)

Reasons why the unemployment rate is likely to rise further.  (Calculated Risk)

Free parking, ain’t free.  (NYTimes)

Is the Norwegian economy at risk of overheating?  (Bloomberg)

Stock market aside, the past decade hasn’t been “lost” for Japan.  (Money Game, CBP)

Middle East demand for food makes greater oil exports an impossibility.  (Gregor Macdonald)

“Biologists have been long perplexed by the peacock’s tail, economists by the use of advertising”  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Is the startup boom masking tech’s bigger problems?  (GigaOM)

Business news: cut the noise! (Speakeasy also The Reformed Broker)

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