Volatility and the “drive-by market.”  (Bespoke)

On the signs of a bond bubble.  (Deal Journal also EconomPic Data)

Why market participants are fascinating with phenomena like the Hindenburg omen. (Planet Money also Investing With Options)

A long term look at 10 year Treasury note yields.  (VIX and More)

Low natural gas prices, buy chemical producers.  (WSJ)

Finance is not physics.  (Rick Bookstaber)

So you really want to use the VXX as a portfolio hedge?  (Daily Options Report)

Zoe Cruz gets into the hedge fund biz.  (Clusterstock, Deal Journal)

“Just what is “executing the strategy,” anyhow? And is there a company in America that does not “execute the strategy”?” (Jeff Matthews)

On the interaction between realized volatility and simple moving averages.  (CXO Advisory Group)

There is a big difference between a trading loss and a trading mistake.   (Options for Rookies)

Why are Russian equities so cheap?  (beyondbrics)

Should Japan be worried by the rising Yen?  (FT, WSJ)

On the continued attraction of Build America Bonds vs. corporates and Treasurys.  (Big Picture also Bond Buyer)

Goldman Sachs (GS) undercuts its rivals to get a piece of the GM IPO.  (Bloomberg, Street Sweep)

Why are the stock exchanges no longer non-profits?  (Big Picture, Barron’s)

Retiring Baby Boomers are screwed.  (WSJ)

Mortgage rates are at record lows.  Where is the refi boom?  (Fortune)

Few signs of life on the homebuilding front.  (Big Picture, Bloomberg, Atlantic Business)

Bank deposit insurance is a “mess.”  (Felix Salmon)

Fed policy is betwixt and between.  (Economist’s View)

Can the Fed just buy stocks?  (FT Alphaville)

Households aren’t going to start spending until their net worths rise further.  (Money Game)

Should we care if Germany crosses the 90% debt/GDP ratio?  (FT Alphaville)

China is climbing the economic and stock market charts.  (AR Screencast)

Despite its recent success Turkey’s economy still has some issue to deal with.  (Lex)

The rise of the “super angel” investor.  (WSJ)

How Microsoft (MSFT) never made the leap to become Corporation 2.0.  (Information Arbitrage)

Google (GOOG) vs. Facebook:  “At stake is nothing less than the future of advertising on the internet.”  (FT)

Is Hulu ready for an IPO?  (NYTimes)

The for-profit education disaster.  (Leigh Drogen)

Andrei Codrescu, “The world’s “best countries” seem to have this in common: they avoid war, they live in the dark, and they maintain a steady state of depressive and productive activity.”  (Newsweek)

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