Thanks for checking in with us this weekend.  Here are the items our readers clicked most frequently on Abnormal Returns Now and Abnormal Returns Classic for the week ended Friday, August 20th.  Where applicable the description is as it reads in the relevant linkfest.

Abnormal Returns Now:

  1. A once obscure indicator,  the Hindenberg Omen, goes big time.  (StockCharts Blog)
  2. Are stocks a screaming buy compared to bonds?  (Minyanville)
  3. Is the market oversold yet?  (Trade to Learn)
  4. High frequency traders are looking to re-brand themselves.  (Forbes)
  5. Pimco’s Gross urges “full nationalization” of housing finance.  (Bloomberg)

Abnormal Returns Classic:

  1. Don’t short bonds…yet.  (Aleph Blog)
  2. Where did the bulls go?  (Bespoke)
  3. Does the bond market now resemble the dot com boom?   (Big Picture)
  4. Sex is stressful, but good for you.  (The Frontal Cortex)
  5. Buffett vs. Gross on the deflation vs. inflation question.  (Zero Hedge)

We also had a couple of posts over at Abnormal Returns Classic:

  1. The art of reading hedge fund 13-F filings.  (Abnormal Returns)
  2. Abnormal Returns TV interview with Mike Bellafiore.  (Abnormal Returns)

Screencasts for the week that was:

  1. Friday: Confirmation bias and what the transports are telling us about sentiment and the US economy.  (AR Screencast)
  2. Thursday:  From bars to bits:  how gold ETFs have changed the fundamental nature of the shiny metal.  (AR Screencast)
  3. Wednesday:  Balancing life’s portfolio.  Some perspective on the retirement of Stanley Druckenmiller.  (AR Screencast)
  4. Tuesday:  Measuring the equity risk premium and whether the cost of capital actually matters.  (AR Screencast)
  5. Monday:  China is climbing the economic and stock market charts.  (AR Screencast)

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