The 220-year bull market in bonds.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Citi says the market is cheap and sentiment is too bearish.  (Money Game)

Equity sentiment at week-end.  (Trader’s Narrative)

“The truth is that companies that pay dividends actually believe in their earnings.”  (SurlyTrader)

Some “bunker stocks” that have recently been hitting 52-week highs.  (WSJ)

Hedge funds have become “bigger, duller and safer.”  (Economist)

Recent Labor Day week performance.  (Bespoke)

Southwest (LUV) is a big winner in the United-Continental deal.  (Deal Journal)

The real winners in the battle for 3Par (PAR).  (peHUB, Deal Journal)

Does Citigroup (C) need to writedown its deferred tax assets?  (Clusterstock)

Should we listen to Mohamed El-Erian’s op-eds?  (Felix Salmon)

Tom Petruno, “You can’t force someone to buy a house.”  (LATimes also Calculated Risk, NYTimes)

Nick Rowe, “We need to burst the bond bubble. Bursting the bond bubble will help the economy recover more quickly.”  (Worthwhile Canadian Initiative)

Daniel Gross, “In other words, in the midst of this [bond] bubble, the government is taking politically painful steps to borrow less.”  (Slate)

Mark Thoma, “It’s time for the Fed to stop playing catch-up as it waits and sees that its forecasts were wrong, and and take the steps needed to boost the economy.”  (CBS Moneywatch)

Muddling through seems to be the only workable economic policy at the moment.  (NYTimes)

Does the Fed need to keep a closer eye on asset markets when making policy?  (Real Time Economics)

Can the growth in manufacturing continue?  (Econbrowser)

On the benefits of clear fiscal goals.  (WSJ)

Carmen Reinhart on the prospects for a lost decade for the economy.  (NYTimes)

Did economic stress cause the number of US births to decline?  (Calculated Risk, Economix)

What is weakness in Silicon Valley telling us about the state of technology and the economy?  (GigaOM)

Lies, damn lies and economists.  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

What banks can learn from VCs. (Infectious Greed, ibid)

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