We are now back in the trading range.  (Big Picture)

August asset class performance.  (Bespoke)

Investors continue to shift from active to passive management (Felix Salmon, Clusterstock, Marketwatch)

Stocks still aren’t cheap.  (ROI)

Seasonality map for September.  (MarketSci Blog, ibid)

More on September seasonality.  (Marketwatch also FT Alphaville, Quantifiable Edges, Insider Monkey)

The novel S&P VEQTOR ETN (VQT) is here.  (ETFdb)

Another use for the Taylor Rule.  Timing the stock market.  (SSRN)

Oil inventories are running way ahead of the historical average.  (Bespoke)

What is so great about 10-year trailing earnings?  (A Dash of Insight)

Outperformance streaks and mutual fund manager skill.  (CXO Advisory Group)

CBOE (CBOE) is inching toward the launch of its all-electronic exchange C2.  (WSJ)

The market’s structure is “broken.”  (Points and Figures)

JP Morgan (JPM) is closing its proprietary trading operation.  (WSJ)

What happened to the much hyped potential for hedge funds to relocate from London to Geneva?  (AbsoluteReturn+Alpha)

Dave Nadig, “ETFs almost always trade inside the underlying market.”  (IndexUniverse)

San Francisco is a hub for the ETF business.  (SFGate)

How do ETFs get seeded these days?  (IndexUniverse)

How much does size affect mutual fund performance?  (SSRN)

What price Genzyme (GENZ)?  (DealBook)

Burger King (BKC) seems to be on its way back to being private. (WSJ, Deal Journal)

Forex trading is booming.  In search of a pure-play  (AR Screencast)

Can emerging market currencies be a “safe haven”?  (beyondbrics)

Even commercial real estate looks attractive when the 10-year Treasury is below 2.5%.  (WSJ)

CEOs are whining, despite near-record profit margins.  (Slate)

The Dow Jones Economic Sentiment Indicator was positive for August.  (Real Time Economics)

The ISM Manufacturing numbers come in ahead of expectations.  (Pragmatic Capitalism, EconomPic Data, DJ Market Talk, Calculated Risk, FT Alphaville)

ADP says US companies continue to cut jobs.  (Bloomberg, EconomPic Data)

The agricultural sector is a bright spot for the US economy.  (NYTimes)

Construction spending was down in July.  (Calculated Risk)

Americans are still reluctant to eat out.  (Calculated Risk)

The “Chinaustralia” economy bounces back.  (EconomPic Data, MarketBeat)

Now is the time to snap up renewable energy projects.  (Lex also Wired)

Is the Blackberry doomed?  (SAI)

An unexpectedly harsh review of Sebastian Mallaby’s “More Money Than God.”  (AbsoluteReturn+Alpha)

Are value investors born or made?  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Copyrighting cocktails is a bad idea.  (Felix Salmon, Ezra Klein)

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