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A look at recent AAII sentiment numbers.  (Charts Gone Wild, Bespoke)

What the MOVE index is telling us about the state of the bond market.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Pain will inevitably follow the boom in retail forex trading.  (The Reformed Broker also StockTwitsFX, Marketwatch)

The Dow on average rises 55% from mid-term low to election-year high.  (Crossing Wall Street)

Check out the performance of the “secret sauce.”  (EconomPic Data)

Labor Day market seasonality.  (MarketSci Blog)

What quants are doing to regain their mojo.  (WSJ, Felix Salmon)

Few standouts in the once hot area of 130/30 funds.  (WSJ)

Can Bruce Berkowitz keep it up?  (Morningstar)

In praise of portfolio simplicity, i.e lazy portfolios.  (WSJ)

What kind of market player do you aspire to be?  (the research puzzle)

New Zealand finally gets its own ETF.  (IndexUniverse)

Some single-country ETFs can have very concentrated positions in a single stock.  (WSJ)

48 Zombie ETFs that should probably disappear.  (IndexUniverse)

Warren Buffett didn’t buy all the railroads.  (YCharts Blog)

In praise of the leveraged recap.  (Money Game)

Jeff Carter, “Chance of a double dip, less than 10%.  Chance of sideways range bound market, 100%.”  (Points and Figures)

Ho hum.  30-year mortgage rates hit another record low.  (Money & Co.)

Barry Ritholtz says home prices are still 10% too high.  (Tech Ticker)

Paolo Pellegrini leaves no a downbeat note.  (Market Folly)

An employment report preview.  (A Dash of Insight)

Initial unemployment claims drop, a bit.  (Calculated Risk also DJ Market Talk)

Economic pessimists have some explaining to do.  (AR Screencast also ValuePlays)

Is this just a mid-cycle slowdown?  (Pragmatic Capitalism, Crossing Wall Street)

Productivity dips.  Sign of a bottom in employment?  (EconomPic Data)

What the Taylor Rule is really saying right now.  (Economics One also EconLog)

The fight over Potash Corp. (POT) could lead to protectionism.  (Money Game)

John Tamny really liked Andrew Sorkin’s “Too Big to Fail.”  (Real Clear Markets)

Noise, economic indicators and human action.  (Abnormal Returns)

Why is everyone always writing off Netflix (NFLX)?  (Slate also WSJ)

Will Apple (AAPL) rule the living room?  (Bloomberg, WSJ, WashingtonPost, Apple 2.0)

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