Things are tough out there…get small.  (The Reformed Broker)

Time to let home prices fall to their natural level.  (Big Picture, NYTimes , Business Insider, Free exchange also Calculated Risk)

A sustained reversal in bond yields is not a done deal.   (Pragmatic Capitalism)

A look back and a look ahead at the coming week.  (A Dash of Insight)

What John Paulson is up to.  (Zero Hedge)

How do value REITs in the face of such low Treasury yields?  (Lex)

How past equity market returns affect currency returns.  (Alea)

On the chances of a double-dip.  (FiveThirtyEight)

Why aren’t more people calling for expanded infrastructure spending?  (Free exchange)

India is trading at a premium to other emerging markets.  (beyondbrics)

More talk on the Petrobras (PBR) share sale.  (FT)

Gregor Macdonald, “The global coffee market, therefore, offers both traders and macroeconomic observers a portal through which to see pressures on food supplies more generally, and their economic effects.”  (ST Macro Weekly)

Reasons to be bullish on coal prices.  (Lex)

Don’t write off Ping just yet.  Apple (AAPL) has the customers.  (Howard Lindzon)

The costs of higher education have increased.  Is it still worth it?  (Points and Figures)

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