Some good insights into the Treasury market.  (EconomPic Data)

By one measure dividend yields are as attractive as they have been in 15 years.  (Bloomberg also Minyanville)

Everybody talks their book, even Michael Burry.  (AR Screencast)

Edward Alberts thinks the equity markets are in denial.  (FT Alphaville)

Six Autumn outliers.  (The Reformed Broker)

Putting the last few months of the S&P 500 into perspective.  (VIX and More)

Janus (JNS) is joining the active ETF fray.  (IndexUniverse)

Is Wall Street research a “valuable, public good”?  (Big Picture)

What the “ultimate stock pickers” are buying and selling.  (Morningstar)

Great traders “archive their thoughts.”  (StockTwitsU)

Have we scared young investors out of the stock market?  (CNNMoney)

A fall biotech preview.  (TheStreet)

Warren Buffett on holding cash.  (Market Folly)

Larry Ellison makes a big bet on Mark Hurd.  (NYTimes)

On the rise of Evercore Partners (EVR) to the pinnacle of Wall Street.  (Fortune)

Apportioning blame for the failure of Lehman Brothers.  (naked capitalism)

Time Magazine as a contrarian indicator on housing.  (Jeff Matthews)

Stimulus:  The Sequel is coming to a theater near you.  (WSJ, Money Game, Pragmatic Capitalism, Business Insider)

An economic tale of three states.  (Economix)

Ireland is having a hard time making a case for its own fiscal situation.  (Money Game also Calculated Risk, Street Sweep)

If Europe is dividing into North and South, where is their Mason-Dixon line?  (Slate)

Why a strong Yen is good for Japan.  (Curious Capitalist)

Michael Lewis on how Greece bankrupted itself.  (VanityFair, ibid)

Mexico to join the Citigroup’s World Government Bond Index.  (beyondbrics)

What Apple (AAPL) investors should look out for.  (Reuters Breakingviews)

How to think about economics.  (The Capital Spectator)

More on the what being a CEO means meme.  (TechCrunch, Howard Lindzon, A VC)

The UCLA Anderson School of Management plans to give up public funding.  (FT)

More research into the relationship between income and happiness.  (NewScientist)

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