Whatever happend to the Hindenburg Omen?  (FT Alphaville)

Buy-and-hold vs. buy-and-rebalance.  (The Capital Spectator)

Taking another look at the “power of momentum.”  (EconomPic Data, FT Alphaville)

What high implied correlations tell us about investor behavior.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Emerging markets break out.  (Bespoke)

Fund managers are looking for the next BRICs.  (beyondbrics)

Is equity mutual fund cash still a useful market indicator?  A skeptical take.  (AR Screencast)

When the yield on cash is so low, even expensive acquisitions can enhance earnings.  (Deal Journal)

Ten Dow stocks that yield more than the ten-year Treasury note.  (YCharts Blog)

On the dangers of daily options.  (Daily Options Report)

VIX futures are pricing in a big move up in volatility.  (Bloomberg)

How to play the agribusiness boom.  (The Reformed Broker)

Market structure and the Flash Crash.  (Points and Figures, CNBC)

Sorting what’s abusive and legitimate in high frequency trading.  (FT)

The “man made disaster” that was the demise of Bear Stearns.  (Jeff Matthews)

Basel III is here.  Pull out your spreadsheets.  (WSJ, Felix Salmon, BIS, FT Alphaville, Lex, Street Sweep, NetNet, Marginal Revolution, Planet Money, DJ Market Talk, Market Blog)

Why should home prices stabilize?  (Big Picture also Calculated Risk)

Should the Fed try to further depress long term interest rates?  (Econbrowser)

How economic data has been trending.  (VIX and More)

How much more deleveraging does the American consumer have to do?  (Bloomberg)

A closer look at the so-called jobless recovery.  (Big Picture)

2010, the year of no inflation.  (Economix)

How “stimulus” became a bad word.  (New Yorker)

Are you sure the markets want a Republican sweep in November?  (Money Game)

China’s growth is back on track. (Gavyn Davies)

Non-OPEC oil supplies have been essentially flat for the past six years.  (Gregor Macdonald)

The bubble in stocks with “China” in their name.  (Justin Paterno)

Africa is the latest and greatest emerging market opportunity.  (Lex)

Amass farmland in distant lands at your own risk.  (Telegraph, Money Game)

Interesting look at de-partnering at Goldman Sachs (GS).  (Dealbook, Dealbreaker)

Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) buys ArcSight (ARST).  Who is next?  (Financial Adviser also Term Sheet)

An interview with Bill Fleckenstein.  (Mad Hedge Fund Trader)

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