According to a new poll Americans hate the stock market.  (Crossing Wall Street, Yahoo! Finance)

Recounting a nifty trade.  (FT Alphaville, ibid)

Here comes the leveraged recap.  Microsoft (MSFT) steps up to the plate.  (Bloomberg, Money Game, Aleph Blog, Crossing Wall Street)

Why the high dividend yield theme is still the “bee’s knees.”  (Stock Rabbi also MarketBeat)

Can the bond market hang on here?  (Barron’s)

Some odd goings on in the volatility term structure.  (SurlyTrader, VIX and More)

Do implied volatilities predict stock returns?  (SSRN)

Is the market done with Nouriel Roubini?  (Clusterstock)

Renaissance Technologies will continue to trade outside money.  (WSJ)

The folly of investment sentiment.  (Bucks Blog)

More on the liquidity as return factor meme.  (CXO Advisory Group)

Frontier markets have been spanking the BRICs of late.  (The Reformed Broker also Minyanville)

On the difference between time-weighted and dollar returns. The cautionary case of Bill Miller.  (AR Screencast)

Has the SEC asks whether we have gone too far in eliminating specialists from the stock market?  (Bloomberg)

Best explanation of what Trillium did to get fined.  (Kid Dynamite also Big Picture, Street Sweep, Felix Salmon)

Just how much would a weak dollar help the economy?  (Points and Figures)

Rich guys save tax cut funds.  (Bloomberg)

Inventories increase, but so do sales.  (Money Game, Big Picture, Atlantic Business)

Small business is still pretty gloomy.  (Calculated Risk, FT Alphaville)

Retail sales in August.  (Calculated Risk, EconomPic Data, Atlantic Business)

GDP growth is getting revised up around the world.  (Money Game, Carpe Diem)

Estimating the state of the labor force is more complicated than it looks.  (Real Time Economics, FT Alphaville)

Corporate pension funds are getting crushed by lower interest rates.  (Bloomberg)

The recession has taken its toll on Nevada gaming revenues.  (Bespoke)

Does Basel III solve the problems that plagued banks in the financial crisis?  (NetNet, Lex, WSJ, Free exchange, Rortybomb, Felix Salmon, Designing Better Futures)

Changing brokers is hassle, but sometimes you have just have to.  (StockTwits FX)

Making your e-mail inbox more hospitable.  (A VC)

When will the true iPad competitors come to market?  (Time)

What FaceTime and FaceBook have in common.  (asymco)

Facebook should issue some debt and stay private.  (Howard Lindzon)

Andrew Ross Sorkin eats lunch with Oliver Stone.  (NYTimes)

Hipsters dig gold.  (Dealbreaker, Clusterstock)

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