The S&P 500 breaks out.  (Bespoke, Afraid to Trade)

What sectors are leading the rally?  (VIX and More)

Junk bond prices up, covenants down.  (WSJ, FT)

Documenting the flight to safety in bonds.  (Big Picture, WSJ)

Bond asset allocation based on Fed policy.  (CXO Advisory Group)

Building a better (market-derived) sentiment model.  (CSS Analytics)

Can you use the VIX to predict SPY moves?  (Data Diary)

Have you looked at realized volatility of late?  (Daily Options Report)

Four trends to keep an eye on including the fact that silver is at a 30-year high.  (Stock Rabbi)

James Picerno, “The bulk of the major asset classes are already represented by ETFs and mutual funds and so the argument for bringing out more often rests on thin ice.”  (Capital Spectator)

Five companies insiders are buying.  (Insider Monkey)

A back-to-basics presentation on stock fundamentals.  (ContraHour)

Value and momentum effects in frontier markets.  (SSRN)

Hope springs eternal in the airline industry.  (AR Screencast)

Big pharma is turning to vaccines for growth (and safety).  (Lex also YCharts Blog)

Homebuilders remain depressed.  (Atlantic Business, DailyFinance)

The juggernaut that is Oracle (ORCL).  (Lex)

More on the Universal Travel Group (UTA) saga.  (Bronte Capital)

On the parallels between the secondary market for closed hedge funds and the closed-end fund premium.  (Journal of Finance)

Taking a look at how to play special situations.  (Dynamic Hedge)

Hedge fund of funds need to work a lot harder for their fees these days.  (WSJ)

Reassessing the profit picture on Wall Street.  (NYTimes)

Nothing like some ex-post dealmaking.  (footnoted)

It’s official.  The recession ended June 2009.  (NBER also Real Time Economics, Free exchange, FT Alphaville, DJ Market Talk)

James Surowiecki, “. Boosting inflation isn’t the right policy, but it may just be the correct one.”  (New Yorker also Felix Salmon)

The stagnating labor market.  (Rortybomb also Econbrowser, EconomPic Data, Free exchange)

Is a mass mortgage refinancing in the works?  (Business Insider, Calculated Risk)

“Any further QE from the Fed could provide a powerful trigger for monetary policy in many other countries.” (Gavyn Davies)

The UK keeps a AAA-rating, for now.   (Street Sweep)

All trends still point to a higher Swiss franc.  (The Source)

WTI vs. Brent:  there is no perfect oil futures contract.  (FT Alphaville)

If the future is unpredictable, why do we need economists?  (Globe and Mail)

America doesn’t know what stockbrokers do, but they do want them held t0 a fiduciary standard.  (The Reformed Broker)

Analyzing the analysts:  methodology vs. ideology.   (Big Picture)

As a trader what bloggers should I follow?   (SMB Training)

What is “Asperger Arbitrage“?  (Investor’s Consigliere)

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