Signs the stock market are getting overbought.  (Bespoke)

Newsletter writers are still not particularly bullish. (Morningstar also Bespoke)

Things the market seems to be certain of.  (The Reformed Broker)

Why it makes sense to re-commit to your strategy after a drawdown.  (Condor Options)

It’s like 2008.  It’s tough to find corporate defaults these days.  (Deal Journal, Bloomberg, Money Game)

Americans are still pulling money from equity mutual funds.  (MarketBeat)

The US dollar is still up for the year.  (Bespoke also Street Sweep)

Not all currency strategies are created the same.  (Morningstar)

How not to use options.  (Options for Rookies)

The education of a trader.  (VIX and More)

Has the rise of index-linked investing, in part via ETFs, hopelessly distorted the capital markets?  (AR Screencast)

Should we be sad that the Claymore/Robb Report Global Luxury ETF (ROB) is closing its doors?  (IndexUniverse)

Is 2010 as good as it gets for the global airline industry?  (Economist earlier Abnormal Returns)

Does it make sense to substitute high yield bonds for equities for a part of your portfolio?  (The Cynical Advisor)

What conditions make for a better market timing environment.  (SSRN)

Does the turn-of-the-month effect work for sectors?  (CXO Advisory Group)

(N)o one thing generated the crisis.”  (Free exchange also Big Picture)

Glad to see that Larry Summers landed on his feet and won’t be added to the nation’s unemployment figures.  (NYTimes, DealBook, Real Time Economics, Big Picture, Free exchange, Atlantic Business, Greg Mankiw)

Gavyn Davies, “In simple terms, the Fed now sees its task as being to make inflation rise.”  (FT)

What changed, and what didn’t in the Fed’s outlook.  (Aleph Blog, Free exchange, Planet Money)

How does culture affect long term economic growth?  (voxEU)

“So if money is fundamentally unreal, what the hell is economics all about?”  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Markets are none too happy with the Russian ruble of late.  (beyondbrics)

What about Ireland?  Spain’s PM says the Euro debt crisis is over.  (WSJ, Money Game, Curious Capitalist)

China is a much bigger coal story than oil story.  (Gregor Macdonald)

Wall Street is kicking Blackberries to the curb in favor of iPhones.  (NetNet)

Chalk one up for Al Gore.  (MarketBeat)

Advice for the ‘poor rich.’  (ROI)

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