The stock market is on its way to a historically strong September.  (Bespoke)

Banking and cyclicals are rolling over.  (Humble Student)

Two reasons why individual investors shy from stocks:  “deleveraging and capital preservation.”  (Reuters also Zero Hedge)

Contemplating the changing landscape of the market.  (the research puzzle)

Goldman Sachs (GS) takes a back seat to the market.  (Bespoke)

Some “hidden secrets” the markets are not willing to face.  (Bloomberg)

RIP, Blockbuster.  (Bloomberg, The Reformed Broker, Economist)

On the importance of directly managing your market exposure versus using indirect hedges.  (AR Screencast)

The effect of “unmitigated open interest” on ETFs.  (Herb Greenberg)

On the relationship between the SPDR Gold Trust (GLD) and the Sprott Physical Gold Trust (PHYS).  (Justin Paterno)

CBOE Holdings (CBOE) is getting into the credit default options business.  (Bloomberg, FT Alphaville)

McDonald’s (MCD) stays on a roll, ups its dividend.  (Crossing Wall Street)

Just how long does Microsoft (MSFT) need to survive to justify its stock price?  (Money Game also EconomPic Data)

Is Poland still a bargain?  (FT via beyondbrics)

No wonder everyone is so glum.  National net worth dropped by 26%.  (Big Picture)

A closer look at the leading economic indicators. (EconomPic Data)

Rail traffic expanding.  (ValuePlays)

We are still in initial jobless claims “limbo.”  (Money Game, Calculated Risk)

What next for the Fed?  (Baseline Scenario)

How strong will emerging markets let their currencies get?  (beyondbrics)

Raw materials, including burlap, are hitting new highs.  (Street Sweep)

The corporate pension problem is worse than you think.  (Aleph Blog)

Mark Thoma, “Summers is not irreplaceable.”  (Economist’s View also Daily Beast, Mean Street)

David Weidner, “Academia is the third, less talked-about stop on the Washington-to-Wall Street shuttle.”  (WSJ)

On the impact of high frequency trading on the markets.  (Trader’s Narrative)

Can Facebook make headway in the payments game?  (NYTimes)

Is legal online gambling an inevitability?  (Kid Dynamite)

Uh oh.  Harvard Business School grads are headed back to Wall Street.  (Infectious Greed)

Do the outsized paychecks of hedge fund managers distort career choices?  (Free exchange)

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