Today marks the fifth blogiversary of Abnormal Returns.  In that time we have done in excess of 2,200 posts and an estimated 1,475 daily linkfests.  A great deal has happened since our last blogiversary:  Abnormal Returns was acquired by StockTwits, we have launched a raft of new services including AR Now, screencasts and a StockTwits TV show and the Chicago Cubs once again failed to win the World Series.

We would not still be doing this if it were not for the dedicated audience that chooses to read us (nearly) every day.  As of this morning our RSS feed had more than 12,000 subscribers and nearly 6,000 followers on Twitter and StockTwits combined.  In addition we have received many kind mentions of our site from the blogosphere.

You might have noticed last week that things were a bit quieter around here than usual.  That is because we spent much of it in a confab with the entire StockTwits team.  Howard Lindzon and the team are hell-bent on creating the best possible environment for the ever-evolving finance community.  As this recent Crain’s Chicago Business article notes, traders (and investors alike) need a forum like StockTwits to exchange ideas.  In short, if StockTwits disappeared today, somebody would have to come along with its replacement.*

In the coming year look for Abnormal Returns to continue to grow and evolve with a number of new services. We hope you continue to join us on this journey.  As always we appreciate any (and all) feedback.  Keep it coming.

*Caveat:  everybody talks their book.