What happens when bond investors realize they missed the equity rally? (The Reformed Broker)

Signs that the market is getting overbought.  (Fund My Mutual Fund, Trade the Odds)

The VIX is oversold.  (Daily Options Report also Globe and Mail)

Back month VIX futures are “capitulating.”  (VIX and More)

Are we setting up for a “dash to trash” for the rest of the year?  (Lex)

The market (for now) is discounting the foreclosure crisis.  Should it?  (AR Screencast)

Junk bonds continue to demonstrate strength.  (Trader’s Narrative)

What should we think of noticeably negative TIPS yields?  (Street Sweep, Zero Hedge)

The toxic asset trade one year later.  (Pragmatic Capitalism also Felix Salmon)

A synthetic approach to corporate bond investing.  (FT Alphaville)

It is not obvious that one should buy ETF fund of funds.  (Capital Spectator)

Why are there so many ETF settlement fails?  (FT Alphaville)

How quantitative finance can move from HFT to investing. (For the Win)

Key takeaways from the Value Investing Congress.  (ValuePlays)

The short case for St. Joe (JOE) from David Einhorn.  (Money Game, Dealbreaker, Market Folly)

The stock trader’s worry inventory assessment.  (The Crosshairs Trader, StockTwitsU)

James Altucher, “Why do bears seem smarter than bulls?”  (CNBC)

Where did Warren Buffett’s alpha go?  (Insider Monkey, ibid also Term Sheet)

The scandal brewing in the mortgage bond business.  (Felix Salmon)

Why some sort of systematic resolution to the foreclosure crisis needs to happen.  (Tech Ticker, Big Picture)

A foreclosure fraud linkfest.  (Big Picture)

More foreclosure links:  (WashingtonPost, NYTimes, Free exchange)

Do we really want “total war” when it comes for foreclosures?  (NetNet)

Are the worst of bank failures behind us?  (Daniel Gross)

A closer look at the PPI.  (EconomPic Data)

What CSX (CSX) is telling us about the state of the economy.  (Fund My Mutual Fund)

24 scary facts about the US economy.  (Crossing Wall Street, ibid)

Retirement ages are going up whether you like it or not.  (Economist)

Switzerland rocks the wealth charts.  (EconomPic Data, Money Game)

Poland is attracting hot money.  (beyondbrics)

Ethanol (and corn farmers) gets a big break from Washington.  (Lex, NYTimes)

Private equity firms are back their old dividend recap ways.  (WSJ)

An extended profile of activist hedge fund manager Bill Ackman.  (Reuters)

Why the US doesn’t need to sell its gold hoard.  (Money Game)

San Francisco as an ETF hub.  (SFGate)

Yahoo! (YHOO) is in play.  (WSJ, Crossing Wall Street, Dealbook, MarketBeat)

Why a Yahoo! deal is unlikely and a bad idea.  (Term Sheet, GigaOM, Marketwatch)

IT understands that the iPad changes everything.  (Asymco also Apple 2.0)

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