Technology and energy are driving this rally.  (Ticker Sense)

Michael Kahn, “The short-term trend will remain up as long as the liquidity pumps are working, but investors should not assume that the buy-and-hold strategy is back from the dead.”  (Barron’s)

What part of don’t fight the Fed do you not understand?  (Tech Ticker)

The 30 year-10 year Treasury spread keeps getting wider.  (Bespoke)

Bonds look to have put in a top here.  (Dragonfly Capital)

Is oil poised to break out of a long trading range?  (chessNwine)

The premium for China A-shares has been erased.  (beyondbrics also IndexUniverse)

“Bullet” bond ETFs make planning bit more precise.  (WSJ)

Vanguard’s success sparks an “ETF price war.”  (Bloomberg)

Are physically-backed metal ETFs a good idea?  (ETFdb)

The case for the Barclays ETN S&P VEQTOR (VQT).  (VIX and More)

Bruce Berkowitz vs. David Einhorn on St. Joe Company (JOE).  (Market Folly also naked capitalism, Clusterstock, Dealbreaker)

The for-profit education sector is just getting crushed.  (The Reformed Broker)

The permabear to English translation guide.  (Big Picture)

On the (profitable) use of forward looking earnings estimates.  (A Dash of Insight)

Step one in building a tactical asset allocation model.  (MarketSci Blog)

Trend following and Gene Fama’s blind spot.  (Au.Tra.Sy blog)

Methodology+Plan+Execution.  (Crosshairs Trader)

On the challenges of integrating sentiment measures into an investment process.  (AR Screencast)

The market “wakes up” to the implications of foreclosure-gate.  (WSJ)

Congress won’t let the too-big-to-fail banks to get torpedoed by foreclosure-gate.  (NetNet also Big Picture)

Bernanke lays out the case for QE2.  (Bloomberg, FT Alphaville, Atlantic Business)

Has the market overshot on expectations for QE2?  And what Bernanke should do.  (Money Game, Daniel Gross)

Cam Hui, “Just remember this: QE2 can only supply more liquidity to the system, not solvency.”  (Humble Student)

The Fed is the biggest seller of volatility out there.  (FT Alphaville)

No inflation on the CPI front…yet.  (Bloomberg, EconomPic Data, Capital Spectator)

Looking back over the past year on who made the right call on the economy.  (Bonddad Blog via TBP)

Tensions brewing as the US dollar continues to weaken against emerging currencies.  (WSJ, Money Game, FT Alphaville, Curious Capitalist)

China should directly fund US infrastructure spending.  (China Financial Markets)

Very interesting.  The death of the IPO. (Institutional Investor)

With earnings out Google (GOOG) may soon pass Microsoft (MSFT) in market cap.  (SAI also NYTimes, AllThingsD, GigaOM)

John Sculley on Steve Jobs.  (Cult of Mac)

Putting Gawker Media into some perspective.  (Rational Irrationality)

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