A couple of months ago we did a screencast noting the fact that some high profile value investors had taken a shine to Microsoft stock.  In the meantime the stock has not done much.  On the fundamental front it seems that all the trends continue to work against Microsoft in growth areas like mobile phones and tablets.  All that being said Microsoft still dominates the operating system marketplace and possesses financial flexibility.  The question is how long are Microsoft stockholders going to wait for a some sort of positive development.  In today’s screencast we as whether there is a catalyst on the horizon to get Microsoft’s stock price moving.

Items mentioned in the above screencast:

Value investors are sniffing around Microsoft stock.  (AR Screencast)

Wall Street continues to run away from Microsoft (MSFT).  (SAI, ibid)

The mobile Internet is hot.  (DJ Market Talk)

Microsoft still outearns Apple (AAPL).  (EconomPic Data)

It’s still a Windows world.  (Apple 2.0)

Daily chart of Microsoft.  (Finviz)

Performance of Microsoft vs. Google (GOOG) & Apple since our last screencast.  (StockCharts)