We do not normally publish links on Saturday.  However today we want to try an experiment in long form curation.  That is take a look at some longer pieces that readers might not have had time to read during the week.  The first few we mentioned in this week’s linkfests.  The last two are new.

There seems to be a growing interest in long form curation, see LongForm and LongReads, due in part the popularity of the iPad.  Many readers find reading longer pieces on the iPad easier and much more enjoyable.  One program Instapaper seems to be a favorite of many, including Barry Ritholtz. Thanks for checking out this new, and potentially ongoing feature.  We welcome your feedback.

Jeremy Grantham brings the hammer down on the Fed.  (GMO)

Malcolm Gladwell, “To someone like Rattner, there is nothing wrong with giving a dinosaur money if you think you can fix the dinosaur. One might even say that the private-equity investor prefers the dinosaur, because dinosaurs are cheap, which increases the potential profit at the end.”  (New Yorker)

The effect of geography has dominated for millenia, is it now finally losing its meaning?  (HistoryToday via Arts & Letters Daily)

Michael Pettis, “If the renminbi ever becomes a major trading or reserve currency, it is going to take a long time for this to happen and will require a radical transformation of the Chinese economy and the role of the government. “  (China Financial Markets)

A behind-the-scenes look at how NBC managed, once again, to make a hash of their late-night franchise.  (Vanity Fair)

A look at two competing visions for America:  one more urban, the other more decentralized.  (The Atlantic)

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