It has been fashionable since the onset of the financial crisis to sound bearish about the economy and the stock market.  This despite the fact that the stock market has now returned to levels seen prior to the demise of Lehman Brothers.  Now it seems like sentiment is shifting as we are beginning to see more optimistic takes on the economy.  While it may not yet be fashionable to be be bullish (or optimistic) there is a growing trend in this direction. It may also be the fact that the “focusing illusion” is causing us to look at the economy’s problems as opposed to its overall strengths.  In today’s screencast we present a handful of optimistic items that look forward to a time when the economy just might be doing better.

Items mentioned in the above screencast:

Monthly chart of the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY).  (Finviz)

The case for optimism.  How the “focusing illusion” skews our views.  (NYMag)

What cities (and industries) have are poised to thrive in the economic recovery?  (Newsweek, ibid)

The case for jobs.  Here come’s the optimism.  (Atlantic Business)

“What if this is as bad as it gets?”  (Chicago Sean)

Josh Brown, “TV is similar to the magazine cover indicator but it’s more delayed.  The Depression shows are here.  And this is great news.” (The Reformed Broker)