Thanks for checking out another edition in our ongoing experiment in long form curation. As always we welcome your feedback.  A * denotes an item appeared in a prior linkfest.

A two part conversation with Scott Patterson, author of The Quants.  (Big Picture, ibid)*

“(I)f you take the view that quantitative analysis can identify stocks that will fly or die then assuming you could effectively represent the same information visually then there’s no obvious reason that some version of technical analysis couldn’t yield the same results.”  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Passing off political beliefs as economic analysis nearly always leads to problems.  (Stone Street Advisors)

Russ Roberts with a review of “what’s wrong with Keynes.”  (Cafe Hayek)

An inside look at the world of Y Combinator.  (GQ via LongForm)

Why build one big nuclear reactor when you can build a network of small reactors?  (Economist)

An alternative history of the Gore presidency.  (NY Magazine also Atlantic Wire)

Check out the blog Findings:  A Daily Roundup of Academic Studies by Kevin Lewis.  (National Affairs via David Brooks)

50 best albums of 2010.  (Paste Magazine)

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