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(B)lind love is no basis for an investment, but neither is a series of one-night stands.”  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Will the January effect and the Presidential cycle combine for a big January in stocks? (World Beta)

A primer on the S&P 500 futures basis trade, aka index arbitrage.  (Kid Dynamite)

In a strong market even turkeys can fly.  (Both Sides of the Table)

Will the Fed be able to survive Ron Paul?  (Fortune Finance, Real Time Economics, Floyd Norris)

Tyler Cowen, “Does growing wealth and income inequality in the United States presage the downfall of the American republic?”  (The American Interest)

A profile of economist Avnihash Dixit.  (IMF via Greg Mankiw)

A physicist tries to discover the rules that govern the growth of cities. (NYTimes)

Why are so many fewer people dying in car crashes?  (WSJ)

The year in ideas.  (NYTimes)

Real life is not engineered.”  (The Epicurean Dealmaker)

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