Quote of the day

Eduardo Porter, “Finance will not be tamed by tweaking the way bankers are paid. But bankers’ pay could be structured to discourage wanton risk taking.”  (NYTimes)

Chart of the day

Equity sentiment at week-end is bullish to say the least.  (Trader’s Narrative )


The bears have capitulated.  (Business Insider, Big Picture)

More takes on the elevated state of equity sentiment. (The Technical Take, Fund My Mutual Fund)

Are extremely bullish sentiment numbers a cause for concern?  (Pragmatic Capitalism, NYTimes)

The growing breadth divergence.  (Afraid to Trade)

Americans kept withdrawing money from equity mutual funds in 2010.  (NYTimes, Zero Hedge)

Why Apple (AAPL) continue to trade cheaply based on its growth rate.  (Asymco)

Strategy and Tactics

“Take some time between now and the end of the year to find out what worked and what didn’t.” (Attitrade, TRB)

Investment pundits should put their money where their mouth is.  (MarketSci Blog)

How to best use StockTwits.  (Trade to learn)

Should socially responsible investment funds consider a company’s track record of layoffs?  (Chicago Tribune)


Meredith Whitney and power of attention.  (Business Insider)

Will the rest of Wall Street follow Goldman Sachs (GS) on bonuses?  (Reuters Breakingviews)

Five financial headlines investors should wish for in 2011.  (Reuters Breakingviews)

Can Wall Street transform sports betting?  (Dealbook)


US consumers still need time to rebuild their balance sheets.  (Global Economic Intersection)

Rail trafffic is growing, albeit slowly.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Social tensions are brewing in Germany despite a strong economy.  (NYTimes)

China’s central bank raised interest rates again.  (FT, NYTimes, Bloomberg)

Just because

Things James Altucher refuses to worry about in 2011.  (Altucher Confidential)

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