There is so much chatter about Apple (AAPL) this morning in light of the news about Steve Jobs and the forthcoming earnings release that we wanted to offload our Apple links into a separate posts.

Apple stock performance subsequent to prior Jobs’ leaves of absence.  (FT Alphaville)

How might Apple’s stock price be affected?  (WSJ, ROI, Tech Musings)

What would a future Apple led by Tim Cook look like?  (TechCrunch, Fortune Tech, Bloomberg)

Great summary about why Apple matters a great deal to the hedge fund world.  (market folly, ibid)

John Gruber, “Jobs’s leave of absence is cause for concern — and for good thoughts and well-wishes. It is not cause for panic.”  (Daring Fireball)

Apple should disclose more about Steve Jobs’ health.  (SAI, Atlantic Business, Apple 2.0)

Is now the time for Apple to give some cash back to shareholders?  (WSJ, Quora)

Apple earnings are coming.  What to expect.  (Apple 2.0, Money Game, AppleInsider)

Apple has just “entered a typical Levy Flight news cluster.”  (Bigger Capital)

Wintel down.  Amdroid up. Should Apple be worried?  (Harvard Business Review also WSJ)

Earlier:  Why Apple garners so much attention.  (AR Screencast)


Apple and its sparse 8-K filing.  (footnoted)

Goldman keeps Apple on its ‘Conviction Buy List.’  (market folly)

Apple has a deep management bench.  (NYTimes)

Health aside, why Steve Jobs may not return to Apple.  (Slate)

Steve Jobs as a marketing master will be missed.  (Minyanville)

The tear that Apple’s stock price has been on.  (Bespoke)

Do CEOs matter?  (Atlantic Business)

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