Judging by Google’s stock performance of late you wouldn’t think it was a company in need of an executive shake-up.  However that is exactly what the company got.   With this change the company is once again facing a whole host of issues including a threat to its core search function, competitors galore and the need to launch businesses outside it sphere of competency.  In short, this move raises more questions than it answers.  In today’s screencast a round-up of recent conversation about Google.

Items mentioned in the above screencast:

A executive shake-up at Google (GOOG).  (WSJ)

Can Larry Page fix what ails Google?  (GigaOM)

A non-executive chairman is a rarity in US corporations.  (Felix Salmon)

Google now wants to launch a Groupon clone.  (Mashable, Deal Journal, GigaOM)

Ken Auletta on the condition of Google, post-Schmidt.  (New Yorker also Felix Salmon, Techland)

Why Eric Schmidt had to go.  (Asymco)

Google’s core search function is broken.  (Infectious Greed)

A daily chart of Google (GOOG).  (Finviz)