Quote of the day

James Surowiecki, “The U.S. has an entire regulatory apparatus designed to protect the interests of investors, but Chinese companies have been adept at exploiting its loopholes. ”  (New Yorker)

Chart of the day

Google (GOOG) holders don’t seem to like executive turnover.  (Bespoke, Curious Capitalist)


Investors continued to dump muni bond funds last week.  (Bond Buyer also Money Game)

Commodities:  mutual fund vs. ETF.  (Marketwatch, TRB)

More low-volatility equity ETFs are coming to market.  (IndexUniverse)

How a hedge fund raked it in 2009-10 by betting against a refinancing wave.  (Clusterstock)


On the relationship between Google searches and stock performance.  (Journal of Finance)

IQ and stock market participation.  (Journal of Finance)

Did the media make the Greek crisis worse?  (Alea contra FT Alphaville)


Asset management companies are exhibiting diverging stock price performance.  (the research puzzle)

The for-profit education stocks are no longer an easy short.  (Bloomberg)

How to rob a bank?  Derivatives trading.  (Information Arbitrage also naked capitalism)


Come up with your own Facebook valuation with this interactive feature.  (Dealbook)

How an Apple (AAPL) put all that cash to good use?  (Asymco, ibid)

How Twitter is different (and revenue expectations).  (HBR, Bloomberg)


Tim Duy, “Expect global tensions to continue building as emerging markets fight the Fed.”  (Economist’s View also Modeled Behavior)

Inflation is more than a commodity problem.  (FT Alphaville)

A Euro-style crisis cannot occur in the US.  (Pragmatic Capitalism also Money Game)

Why Europe may be headed towards a tighter union – politicians.  (Money Game)


Does the Fed need an official inflation target?  (WSJ)

QE2 had an effect on public expectations.  (Econbrowser)

Companies say they are going to start hiring again.  (Bloomberg)

How much of structural unemployment is due to underwater mortgages?  (Free exchange also ValuePlays)

Has the link between temp hiring and employment been broken?  (Fiscal Times)

Looking for an explanation to the stagnation in miles driven.  (Freakonomics also Calculated Risk)


The genuine purposes of financial blogging.  (Dynamic Hedge)

Also on Abnormal Returns

This morning’s live linkfest look-in.  (Abnormal Returns)

What’s next for macro investors now that high correlations seem to be breaking down?  (AR Screencast)

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