This is the first week of what we plan to be daily (weekday only) early morning linkfests.  It is essentially a “live look-in” at the day’s forthcoming linkfest.  Tell us what you think.

Japan catches a downgrade from S&P.  (NYTimes, FT Alphaville)

Apparently Goldman Sachs (GS) did benefit directly from the AIG (AIG) bailout.  (Huffington Post, naked capitalism)

Junky financials are on the rise as Ally Financial looks to go public.  (Money Game, WSJ)

Low quality [stocks] are expensive and high quality is cheap.  (Vitaliy Katsenelson)

Potash (POT) is serious about being a public company.  (Globe and Mail)

Why even trade when the market is open?  (Bespoke)

12 steps to getting things done.  (Kirk Report)

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