The weekend is a great time to catch up on some of the reading you skipped during the week.  So for all you “time shifters” out there, here is another set of long-form links.  As always, feel free tell us what you think.

“The fact is we don’t just observe markets, we don’t just participate in the markets: we are the markets.”  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

The challenges of ‘excess information‘ on decision making.  (Newsweek)

Umair Haque, “So in three words or less, what’s the point of what you do, the products you make, the services you offer?”  (HBR)

Six lessons on how to make money from Jason Fried of 37signals.  (Inc. via kottke)

Bankruptcy will not be the savior some municipalities think it will be.  (NYTimes)

The case for film subsidies.  (Interfluidity)

A profile of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey and his plans for transaction processor Square.  (Vanity Fair)

Does the Stuxnet virus herald a new age of information warfare?  (Vanity Fair)

Thanks to Moneyball, ‘sports analytics‘ is now a field of study.  (Boston Globe)

Is chronic fatigue syndrome caused by a retrovirus?  (WSJ)

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