Quote of the day

James Hamilton, “(B)anks really don’t see much better use for the funds than just holding on to them as reserves.”  (Econbrowser)

Chart of the day

A neat approach to viewing sector performance.  (Afraid to Trade)


Barry Ritholtz, “People know that equities have moved higher, and the worst of the crisis is behind us. But the artificial nature of this has them nervous.”  (Big Picture)

Appaloosa Management is benefiting from the Tepper Rally. (Institutional Investor)

The US dollar just can’t buy a break in here.  (Street Sweep, bonddad blog, The Technical Take)

More on the breakdown in crude oil-equity correlation.  (FT Alphaville, MarketBeat)

Looking back a the last great bull market in silver.  (Crossing Wall Street)


(C)ash was, is, and always will be a viable position for individual traders to have when the market is violently indecisive.” (chessNwine)

Derek Hernquist, “(I)t’s my belief that diversifying by timeframe and style and asset class offers the most robust protection against the two things everyone worries about…losing money, or outliving our reserves.”  (Derek Hernquist)

A real world example of Simpson’s Paradox.  (Falkenblog)

First, get rid of the bottom 10% of mutual fund managers.  (Rortybomb)


Keeping an eye on Ford (F) stock at a critical juncture.  (Bespoke)

The Skype IPO is getting closer to reality.  (24/7 Wall St.)


Why investment advisor sites suck and what to do about it.  (Financial Adviser, I Heart Wall Street)

It looks like the Volcker Rule just might accomplish what it set out to do.  (eFinancialNews)

Another slew of international ETFs are coming to market.  (IndexUniverse)

Ten people to befriend on Wall Street.  (NetNet)


Is Facebook overreaching in its attempt to be the one social network that rules the Web?  (Howard Lindzon, Steve Cheney)

AngelList: the debate goes mainstream.  (NYTimes also Term Sheet)


The tensions inherent in Euroland is clear. (FT Alphaville)

What emerging market central banks are set to raise interest rates next?  (beyondbrics)

The Australian dollar is running on fumes.  (Data Diary)

Why bets on the Russian ruble are always short-term in nature.  (The Source)


Small businesses are once again planning to hire.  (Calculated Risk)

Temporary employment continues to surge.  (ValuePlays)

Why labor market outcomes are becoming so polarized..  (Krugman, Marginal Revolution, Planet Money, Crooked Timber, Ezra Klein)

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