Quote of the day

Eric Falkenstein, Why are we “now associating diversification with instability as opposed to stability”?  (Falkenblog)

Chart of the day

Coffee plants are finicky things.  (NYTimes, ibid)


Starbucks (SBUX)+Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR)=3.  (Marketwatch)

Dr. Copper is feeling a bit woozy.  (chessNwine)

What are you nervous about for the rest of 2011?  (The Reformed Broker also MarketBeat)

The carry trade as a ‘canary in a coal mine.’  (FT Alphaville)


Where during your trading day can you “cut out the clutter.”  (Tyler’s Trading)

Saving is like investing – without the risk.  (Random Roger)

Ugh.  Don’t get duped by “gurus.”  (Crosshairs Trader)


It’s a good time to be a start-up founder.  (WSJ)

Speaking of start-ups, there are no shortage of companies trying to become the next Groupon.  (NYTimes)

On the chances AOL (AOL) gets “sold off for parts.”  (WSJ also TechCrunch)

What effect is the ‘Google mafia‘ having on Silicon Valley?  (Mercury News)


Sounds like the CME Group (CME) is going to sit out the NYSE Euronext (NYX) deal.  (WSJ)

What is the greatest benefit of the ETF boom?  (ETFdb)

Investors are looking at commercial property deals again.  (InvestmentNews)

Why pension fund managers generate negative alpha.  (Institutional Investor)


The employment recovery remains intact.  (Calculated Risk)

Recessions do damage to trust in institutions as well as the economy.  (Freakonomics)

Alternative energy only makes sense at much higher oil/gas prices.  (The Reformed Broker)

Mixed media

The rise of college traders.  (SMB Training)

Investors who made the Forbes Billionaire List.  (market folly, Dealbreaker)

Our Thursday morning live link look-in.  (Abnormal Returns)

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