The weekend is a great time to catch up on some of the reading you skipped during the week.  So for all you “time shifters” out there, here is another set of long-form links.  As always, feel free tell us what you think.

Jonah Lehrer, “Success is never easy. That’s why talent requires grit.”  (The Frontal Cortex)

Future profits are not assured to companies in a ‘monopoly’ position.  (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Network effects help traders succeed.  (WSJ)

ETF Fundamentals:  How ETFs work, and what hidden risks really exist.  (IndexUniverse)

On the importance of making explicit the implicit political bets in a portfolio.  (Institutional Investor)

A brief history of money.  (Atlantic Business)

What now for a Larry Page-led Google (GOOG)?  (Fast Company)

On the importance of curation to the ‘attention economy.’  (Mashable)

Why stressed out journalists are so focused on the blogger-journalist distinction.  (Jay Rosen)

America’s great passport divide.  (The Atlantic)

Are the world’s ‘megacities‘ too big?  (voxEU)

NFL owners vs. players:  who should win?  (New Yorker)

What does the ‘longevity project‘ tell us about living longer? (The Atlantic, Nature News)

Focus on goals, not your “happiness.”  (WSJ)

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