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A T-Mobile deal happened.  Just not with Sprint (S).  (WSJ, Bloomberg, Dealbook)

Everyone loses in the AT&T (T) deal for T-Mobile.  (GigaOM, Howard Lindzon, Fortune)

Can a AT&T purchase of T-Mobile pass regulatory muster?  (Deal Journal, GigaOM, The Atlantic, Economist, FT Alphaville, Bloomberg, 24/7 Wall St.)

Investors still think of every dip as a buying opportunity.  (Money Game)

Warren Buffett on Japan, don’t sell.  (Bloomberg, Dealbook, beyondbrics)

Matt Busigin, “The key to analysing Japan is to separate out change in Wealth from change in Output.”  (macrofugue)

Looking back at the economic week that was.  (Calculated Risk, Gavyn Davies)

A look forward at the economic week coming up.  (A Dash of Insight, Calculated Risk)

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