The weekend is a great time to catch up on some of the reading you skipped during the week.  So for all you “time shifters” out there, here is another set of long-form links.

Markets have gotten conditioned to central bankers flooding the market with money every time something goes wrong. (The Psy-Fi Blog)

Rick Bookstaber, “The interaction between the market participants, and for that matter between the market participants and the regulators, is not a game, but a war.”  (Rick Bookstaber)

2009 (video) interviews with Seth Klarman.  (ValueWalk)

Is Wall Street ruining America by draining talent from the pool of entrepreneurs?  (Kauffman Foundation, GigaOM)

Market bubbles and investor psychology.  (Vanguard Group)

States are paying the price for building their budgets based on wealthy individuals whose income is more volatile.  (WSJ)

The future of the American home.  (The Atlantic)

Why are some cities happier than others?  (The Atlantic)

A profile of Jonathan Ive the “design genius” behind the rise of Apple (AAPL).  (Daily Mail also I Heart Wall Street)

A profile of Daniel Cates, one of online poker’s new elite.  (NYTimes)

The power of being alone. (Boston Globe)

The frequency of happy events matters more than their intensity.  (Atlantic Business)

America’s ancient cave art.  (Slate via @longreads)

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