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Americans continue to drift away from stocks.  (24/7 Wall St.)

Can gold really win in every market environment?  (Breakingviews)

Is Pimco’s move going to unleash a wave of actively managed ETFs?  (MarketBeat, Herb Greenberg, WSJ)

Unprofitable companies can go public these days, but the profitable ones have performed better.  (Term Sheet)

Manufacturing continues to the lead the US economy higher.  (WSJ)

Why Google (GOOG) is so desperate to gain a toehold in social.  (SAI)

Apple (AAPL) Talk

50% of Apple’s revenues now come from iPhone.  (TechCrunch, WSJ)

What Apple could do with the $67 billion in cash it has on the balance sheet.  (The Tech Trade)

Apple’s stock is “overwatched and underowned.”  (Howard Lindzon)

Why do Apple sell-side analysts even bother any more?  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

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