Thanks for checking in with us for this early morning linkfest.  Good luck out there today.

Precious metals love low real interest rates.  (WSJ, ibid)

The Glencore IPO is going to end up minting some billionaires.  (Dealbook, Bloomberg, Peston’s Picks)

Another look at the (delayed) Renren IPO.  (FT Alphaville)

Portugal negotiates a bailout and the market doesn’t flinch.  (The Source)

The Swiss franc continues chugging along.  (WSJ)

Talk of a ‘Minsky moment‘ for the Chinese economy.  (naked capitalism, Money Game)

To solve its debt problem does the developed world need a “financial repression tax“?  (Free exchange)

How pundits are like mutual fund managers.  (Megan McArdle also Crooked Timber)

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