It’s rarely the case that all market indicators line up in one direction or the other.  More often indicators are a mixed bag.  Today we came across three indicators that are bullish, bearish and mixed.  In the bullish camp the transports, especially the railroads, remain strong.  In the bearish camp it seems that retail traders are loading up on leverage bull funds.  In th mixed bag camp we find individual investor sentiment.  The challenge for investors is to weigh the relative importance of various indicators.  In today’s screencast we look at a handful of equity market indicators.

Items mentioned in the above screencast:

Hard for the market to tank when the transports are holding up so well.  (Big Picture)

Investors are getting less bullish the higher the market goes.  (Bespoke)

Retail traders are weighted toward leveraged bull vs. bear funds.  (Trader’s Narrative)

Daily price chart of the iShares Dow Jones Transportation ETF (IYT).  (Finviz)