Thanks for checking in with us for this early morning linkfest.  Good luck out there today.

Martin Wolf, “The eurozone, as designed, has failed.”  (FT)

Why you should want Apple (AAPL) to start leading the market again.  (Global Macro Monitor)

May 2011 will be a “major tell” for hedge funds.  (Clusterstock)

Finally a VIX ETN that seems to make money.  (VIX and More)

How inflation has impacted some pretty basic stuff, like rent, over the past year.  (SurlyTrader, Bloomberg, Economist’s View)

Is Chinese inflation going to make its way to the US?  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

China PMI comes in barely in expansionary territory  ( Bloomberg, Money Game)

There is no substitute for experience in trading.  (Tyler’s Trading)

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