As long as social media companies keep coming public we will keep on doing these linkfests.  Today, Groupon.

Groupon files for an IPO.   (WSJ, Bloomberg, Deal Journal)

Groupon is growing revenues at an astounding rate.  (TechCrunch)

Groupon is losing a lot of money.  (SAI, The Tech Trade)

Groupon competition is numerous and growing.  (GigaOM, Paul Kedrosky)

Groupon customers love to look better and eat out, in that order.  (Deal Journal)

Groupon insiders have not been shy about taking money out of the company.  (AllThingsD , Mashable)

Don’t forget about Pandora, which scores a single letter symbol.  (Bloomberg, SAI)

The ultimate Groupon blog post.  (FT Alphaville)


Some additional Groupon posts to ponder.

Hey Groupon, why the rush to go public?  (Term Sheet)

The downsides the the Groupon deal.  (Deal Journal, FT Alphaville)

Pass on Groupon.  (Short logic)

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