Quote of the day

HCPG, “The lack of respect for what you gain and can lose is directly related to how quickly traders blow out their accounts. ”  (High Chart Patterns Blog)

Chart of the day

SPDR S&P 500 Price Stock Chart

Financials and industrials are leading the market lower.  (Bespoke, YCharts)

Video of the day

Joe Weisenthal goes on-on-one with the “best bond manager in the world” Jeffrey Gundlach.  (Money Game)


A closer look at Bill Gross’ bet against Treasuries.  (FT Alphaville)

More on the back up in high yield spreads.  (Calafia Beach Pundit)

Corn prices are at an all-time high.  (WSJ, FT)

The natural gas flash crash and its aftermath.   (FT, Zero Hedge also FT Alphaville)


In praise of “dull stocks.”  (Aleph Blog)

The future of electronic trading is all about “cross asset arbitrage.”  (FT Alphaville)

How does valuation play into the returns to the carry trade.  (World Beta)


Can Goliaths like Microsoft (MSFT) be innovative?  (Rortybomb also Minyanville)

Apple (AAPL) did Twitter a huge favor by integrating it into iOS 5.  (TechCrunch)

It looks like Groupon is trying to plug the leak that is international operations.  (TechCrunch)

Eric Lefkofsky, of Groupon, is not the new Jeff Bezos.  (Fortune also SAI)

Pandora (P) is finding plenty of demand for its IPO.  (peHUB, Deal Journal)


If Uncle Sam is selling (GM & AIG), you may want to pass.  (Dealbook)

Dimon vs. Geither:  separated at birth.  (Felix Salmon)

The “absurd” Goldman Sachs “huddle” settlement.  (NetNet)

Is Goldman Sachs (GS) getting a bad rap? Richard Bove thinks so. (Dealbook contra naked capitalism)


Morningstar (MORN) is going to supplement its star ratings with a forward-looking measure.  (InvestmentNews)

Now for some ETFs no one is going to use.  (Random Roger)

Bruce Berkowitz and his big financials position is garnering increased scrutiny.  (Term Sheet, Insider Monkey)


Talk that the rise of the emerging markets is leading to a third industrial revolution.  (Businessweek)

MSCI is going to kick S. Korea and Taiwan upstairs to developed market status.  (FT)

The emerging markets will need to tighten more to combat inflation.  (beyondbrics)

The German transition away from nuclear power is going to be tougher than first advertised.  (The Source, ibid)

The Berlusconi regime has been a disaster for Italy.  (Economist)


The ECRI WLI keeps falling.  (MarketBeat)

Rising rents are boosting demand for multi-family homes.  (Money Game)

David Tepper’s thoughts on QE3.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

An interesting look at how QE2 has affected fund flows.  (Global Macro Monitor)

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