Note to technical difficulties I was unable to actually record this screencast.  However we hope you find the intro and attached links of interest.

There is a tension in the hedge fund world.  Research shows that young, small hedge funds tend to outpeform their larger, more established brethren.  However in an increasingly institutionalized hedge fund world it is the brand name hedge funds like Bridgewater Associates that continue to attract assets.  At the same time John Paulson who recently experienced a large, embarrassing loss in Sino-Forest calls into question the size of his operations.  There are few good hedge fund vehicles for individuals to invest in, so they can probably skip the entire debate since good vehicles to participate in hedge funds are few and far between.  In today’s screencast a look at the issue of size on hedge fund performance.

Items relevant to the discussion:

Bridgewater Associates is having a very good year.  (Dealbreaker)

Given their performance it isn’t surprising that Bridgewater Associates continues to pull in assets.  (WSJ)

John Paulson was not alone is missing on Sino-Forest.  (Bloomberg)

Does John Paulson have too much money under management?  (Dealbook)

Small, young hedge funds tend to outperform.  (FAJ)

Daily price chart of the IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETF ($QAI).  (Finviz)