Quote of the day

Horace Deidu, “The post-PC era will be a multi-platform era. Developers already understand this. Platform vendors know this. It’s time to unlearn the lessons of the PC era.”  (Asymco)

Chart of the day

What has gotten into gold (and silver)?  (Stock Sage)


A must read on the psychology off all-time highs.  (The Reformed Broker)

High asset class correlations make for future sharp market moves.  (Market Anthropology)

Did the financial crisis ever really end?  (ROI)

A big pullback in interest in commodities of late.  (FT)


Using the Drudge Report as a contrarian indicator.  (Bespoke)

Neuroticism and trading.  (Attitrade)

Private banks are tiptoeing once again into alternative assets for their clients.  (FT)

On the math of buying a seat on the CME ($CME).  (Points and Figures)


The big three ETF providers are under attack.  (FT)

WisdomTree is launching a raft of ETFs including a global real return fund.  (IndexUniverse, ibid)

Harry Dent can sell books, but what about the performance of the Dent Tactical ETF ($DENT)?  (WSJ)


Are investors ready for long/short fixed income mutual funds?  (WSJ)

Pimco is looking to cut a deal to get its new mortgage REIT funded.  (Bloomberg)

Hedge funds

What is the best way to benchmark hedge fund performance?  (All About Alpha)

Ken Griffin is outshining his peers this year-to-date.  (Institutional Investor, Insider Monkey)

Private equity

Bigger PE funds=bigger deals.  (Deal Journal)

The Skype-Silver Lake affair shows venture capital and private equity play by different rules. (Dealbook)


Quants are heading to Silicon Valley and not Wall Street these days.  (FT)

Jim Rogers wants to displace bankers with farmers.  (Dealbreaker)

25 things every Wall Street summer intern should know.  (NetNet)

Investment firms are built on systems.  How much thought has gone into their selection and implementation?  (Pension Pulse)


More Sino-Forest fun.  (FT Alphaville, Kid Dynamite)

The “real” difference between Germany and the US.  (Modeled Behavior, Marginal Revolution)


The ISM Services index is puttering above the 50 line.  (Calculated Risk)

A modest sign of hope on the jobs front.  (Money Game)

Small businesses are still having a hard time getting loans.  (Curious Capitalist)

Is the drop in gasoline prices going to perk up consumer spending?  (Calculated Risk)

A longer term look at potential US energy output.  (WSJ)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

What you missed in our Wednesday morning linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

Mixed media

Finance Blogs is categorizing the financial blogosphere. Check it out.  (Finance Blogs)

How anonymity on the web is changing.  (Howard Lindzon)

The future is LED light bulbs.  (Slate)

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