Quote of the day

Kid Dynamite, “[Eric] Sprott’s words and his actions are out of sync.”  (Kid Dynamite)

Chart of the day

One thing up today is gold.  (MarketBeat, Bespoke)


Even the bond guys hate bonds.  (The Reformed Broker, Bloomberg)

Market capitalization as a % of GDP.  (Big Picture)

Interesting market where energy and technology sectors both look good.  (Dragonfly Capital)


A look at the closed hedge fund premium.  (Journal of Finance via MoneyScience)

Looking for (high) yield in non-agency MBS.  (Economic Musings)


What is the Rupert Murdoch-discount on News ($NWS) shares?  (Felix SalmonMacroBusiness)

Boeing ($BA) and Airbus are having a hard time filling orders.  (FT)

Is BP ($BP) like to pull a ConocoPhilips ($COP)?  (The Source)

A new way to value Apple ($AAPL).  (Asymco)

Zynga is hitting on all cylinders heading into its IPO.  (TechInsidr)


The worst performing bank stocks.  (Bespoke)

Bank of America ($BAC) has a capital problem.  (Bloomberg)

We need more disclosure of ETF provider ‘ancillary fees.’  (IndexUniverse)

If the US loses its AAA rating, don’t expect a quick restoration.  (Term Sheet)


Speaking of AAA-ratings, what about the UK?  (FT Alpahville)

Why European banks are vulnerable.  (Free exchange)


The jobs drought illustrated.  (research puzzle pix)

The inflation spike is already ebbing from the economy.  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

How you measure consumer deleveraging makes a big difference.  (Economist’s View)

Apartment buildings are the one bright spot in construction these days.  (WSJ)

The government has a tax problem.  (Calculated Risk)

Time to repeal the debt ceiling.  (Rajiv Sethi)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

What you missed in our Monday morning linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

Mixed media

Bess is all over the Ray Dalio profile.  (Dealbreaker)

The Southern US is in the midst of a “big drought.”  (FT)

Why budgeting really matters.  (Bucks Blog)

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