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When will Apple ($AAPL) exceed ExxonMobil ($XOM) in market cap?  (Big Picture)

Morgan Stanley ($MS) vs. Goldman Sachs ($GS):  tale of the trading tape.  (Dealbreaker also Deal Journal, WSJ)

What is a trader?  (Downtown Trader)

A lot of what happens in the markets is driven by pure stupidity.  (Stone Street Advisors)

The details of the Greek debt restructuring plan.  (FT, WSJ, Felix Salmon, Global Macro Monitor, Marginal Revolution)

Greater Europe still has much more work to do.  (Floyd Norris, Mohamed El-Erian)

Is Swiss franc strength now over?  (Money Game)

Is the increasingly popular debt-to-GDP ratio an ‘artificial construct’?  (Project Syndicate, Pragmatic Capitalism)

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