Before Tuesday really ramps up we wanted to send out a special edition linkfest that helps describe the nasty day we just had.  Good luck out there.

Japan and Australia have opened down big.  (FT Alphaville)

The sixth worst Dow point decline.  (TRB)

Key ETF performance for a very ugly day.  (Bespoke, EconomPic Data)

Every single stock in the S&P 500 closed lower on the day.  (Stock Sage)

A list of some of the most oversold S&P 500 stocks.  (Bespoke)

What markets do, on average, after a big down day.  (CXOAG)

Putting the carnage in some sort of historical perspective.  (Empirical Finance Blog)

Long/short hedge funds are getting killed right now.  (Clusterstock)

Hedge fund favorites took it on the chin today.   (WSJ)

Monday was likely filled with margin calls. (Bronte Capital)

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