Thanks for checking in with us this weekend.  Here are the items our readers clicked most frequently on Abnormal Returns for the week ended Saturday, August 13th, 2011. The description is as it reads in the relevant linkfest.

  1. A look at the stunning move in the yield curve.  (Crossing Wall Street)
  2. If the markets don’t stop falling this may be in our future.  (Phil Pearlman)
  3. Panic?  This isn’t a panic, yet.  (Investing With Options)
  4. A handful of reliable contrarian signals.  (market folly)
  5. The ten biggest lies about business school.  (Forbes)
  6. Joe Donoghue, “There will be epic opportunities to make money in this market long and short in the weeks and months ahead. Have a plan.”  (UpsideTrader)
  7. Banks stocks are getting crushed as news comes out that David Tepper is out.  (Dealbook)
  8. Jeremy Grantham abridged.  (FT Alphaville)
  9. More evidence of forced selling.  (Money Game)
  10. Warren Buffett is issuing bonds and buying stocks.  (Fortune)

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