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How much capital does Bank of America ($BAC) need to raise? (FT Alphaville, Clusterstock also All Star Charts)

Why banks should listen to their risk managers.  (Kid Dynamite, Deal Journal)

Paul Tudor Jones II is cutting fees, but don’t worry he will be OK.  (WSJ)

Sprint ($S) needs all the help it can get.  iPhone 5 to the rescue.  (Deal Journal, WSJ)

Reports of Facebook’s demise are greatly exaggerated.  (TechInsidr also Term Sheet)

Moody’s takes a whack at Japan’s credit rating.  (WSJ)

Eurobonds ain’t gonna cut it.  (FT, voxEU)

The markets are expecting the Fed to engage in “operation twist.”  (Real Time Economics, Pragmatic Capitalism)

Why so many people felt yesterday’s Richmond earthquake.  (The Atlantic)

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