Thanks for checking in with us this weekend.  Here are the items our readers clicked most frequently on Abnormal Returns for the week ended Saturday, September 3rd, 2011. The description is as it reads in the relevant linkfest.

  1. The “dumb money” is still bearish.  (The Technical Take)
  2. What the ultimate stock pickers are buying and selling.  (Morningstar)
  3. Who says equity market valuations have to rise?  (Big Picture)
  4. Algorithms are smarter than people until they start interacting with each other.  (The Physics of Finance)
  5. Inverted global yield curves are flashing warning signs.  (HistorySquared)
  6. The S&P 500 at inflection points.  (Big Picture)
  7. What the stock market typically does the last two days of the month.  (Bespoke)
  8. Loss aversion at work.  (Crossing Wall Street)
  9. Most Americans don’t care about stocks.  (TheArmoTrader)
  10. High correlations and the momentum mindset.  (Aleph Blog)

This week was a banner week for posts on the site.  Check out what you missed.

  1. ETFs are big news, but still pale in comparison to open-end mutual funds.  (Abnormal Returns)
  2. Who besides fund sponsors actually need non-transparent, actively managed ETFs?.  (Abnormal Returns)
  3. Media alert:  our upcoming appearance at the World MoneyShow Chicago.  (Abnormal Returns)
  4. The diversification debate.  (Abnormal Returns)
  5. The quest for alpha cuts both ways.  (Abnormal Returns)
  6. Rising stock correlations:  this too shall pass.  (Abnormal Returns)

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