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Stock correlation is “the new VIX.”  (FT also Dealbreaker)

Keep an eye on junk bonds vs. Treasuries.  (All Star Charts)

What does Google ($GOOG) want with Zagat?  (Felix Salmon, The Fly contra WSJ)

How can Bridgewater Associates be up 25% YTD?  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Obama proposes an “economic insurance policy.”  (FT, WSJ, Bloomberg, Big Picture)

The proposed stimulus is bigger and “bolder” than originally thought.  (Mark Thoma, Gavyn Davies, FiveThirtyEight, Free exchange, Buttonwood)

Ben Bernanke is sick and tired of monetary policy.  (Money Game also Tim Duy, FT Alphaville)

An unbelievable story of brokerage wrongdoing.  (Financial Adviser)

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