Yesterday we had a post up looking at the Amazon Kindle announcement including a look at the valuation disparity between newly competitive Amazon and Apple.  We have a bunch more links that don’t fit in the daily linkfest.  Amazon is down today, but it isn’t clear how much of that reaction is due to the Kindle news or the pullback in momentum names.

Items worth a look:

Dan Frommer, “The new Kindles are going to sell like crazy.”  (SplatF)

The new Kindle Fire is “all about content.”  (Daring Fireball)

The new Kindles have shot to the top of the Amazon sales chart. (Amazon Electronics Best Sellers)*

Jeff Bezos as “tech visionary.”  (TechInsidr)

Apple and Amazon are playing two very different games.  (GigaOM)

Amazon trades richer than Apple despite slower historical earnings growth.  (Market Blog)

Apple should be worried about the Kindle Fire.  (Credit Writedowns)

How Apple can protect itself against Amazon.  (HBR)

What are the privacy implications of Amazon’s Silk browser?  (cespinosaArsTechnica, Apple 2.0)

The big difference between Amazon ($AMZN) and Apple ($AAPL).  (Abnormal Returns)

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