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If IBM ($IBM) is a bellwether then investor should be nervous.  (WSJ, Global Macro Monitor, Reuters)

Why is there still such a gap in analyst and blogger estimates for Apple ($AAPL)?  (daegol)

The case for the quasi-monopoly that is CME Group ($CME).  (Market Folly)

A lack of liquidity is driving the bid-ask spread on individual companies higher.  (WSJ)

On the “rich, internal dynamics” of financial markets.  (Physics of Finance)

The BRIC markets are sitting at multi-year support.  (chessNwine)

China seems to engineering a soft landing, but bond markets are flashing warning signs.  (Bloomberg, Money Game, FT Alphaville also WSJ)

In defense of the financial blogosphere.  (Attain Capital, Slope of Hope)

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