Quote of the day

Daniel Indiviglio, “The financial market certainly would benefit from some more voices in the bond ratings space. ”  (The Atlantic)

Chart of the day

Equities and TIPS-derived inflation expectations continue to track each other closely.  (Capital Spectator)


These are not normal market times.  (Phil Pearlman)

The High Low Logic Index is flashing a buy signal.  (Marketwatch)

Should we really be worried about stock market illiquidity?  (Felix Salmon)

TIPs are expensive, some closed-end TIPS funds are trading at a discount.  (ROI)

Can the market rally without China and copper?  (Bonddad Blog)

Are junk bonds flashing a warning signal?  (MarketBeat)

Who’s buying US Treasuries?  (MarketBeat)


What kind of investor are you?  Take this test.  (Total Return)

Why a trading plan is important.  (TraderHabits)

Parsing the smart money vs. dumb money is tougher than it looks.  (Tyler’s Trading)

Is Pimco’s new normal all that different than the old normal?  (I Heart Wall Street)


A look at IBM ($IBM) on a number of time frames.  (Afraid to Trade)

Just how good will Apple’s ($AAPL) earnings be?  (Apple 2.0, SAI)

Gamestop ($GME) is cheap.  No it’s not.  (Kid Dynamite)

The long case for Gannett ($GCI).  (Distressed Debt Investing)

Dropbox is now a big business.  (Fortune)


The IPO heyday is over for good.  (Market Blog)

Why the rush of energy deals?  (Dealbook)

It’s all bad at Goldman Sachs ($GS) these days.  (Dealbook, WSJ, Money Game, Term Sheet, NetNet, The Atlantic)

How currency volatility affected bank earnings.  (MarketBeat)

Would a floating NAV kill the money market mutual fund industry?  (WSJ)

Some red flags at Groupon.  (Dealbook)


The ETF volatility story is about more than leveraged ETFs.  (FT Alphaville)

WisdomTree Investments ($WETF) wants to raise some cash.  (ETF Trends)

Are dim-sum bond ETFs fishing in too small a pond?  (FT)


Ian Bremmer, “Germany will never leave the Eurozone.”  (FT)

Investors are getting nervous about some of the core countries.  (Credit Writedowns)

How China’s currency system is like a big ETF.  (FT Alphaville)

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Mixed media

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